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The type of blind you buy for your home depends upon many factors. Use a room by room analysis to figure out what blind will work best based on your needs. Whether you are after ultimate light control, energy efficiency, blinds for wet rooms, or for bay and sliding windows, the right blind for you is out there.

Be sure to consider the lifestyle of the occupant of each room when deciding on what kind of blind to purchase. If you work at night and sleep during the day, then a blackout type of blind will almost certainly best suit your bedroom. If you have children, think about what colours and styles may stimulate then and complement their character traits.

Energy efficiency is a very popular criterion when selecting blinds today. Blinds can be a great source of saving energy and therefore money so it’s worth spending time to select the best blinds for the job to ensure you buy something that looks great and also helps towards your energy saving efforts.

A lot of problems can arise when people are looking for the best option to cover sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are a very handsome solution, as they come in every colour, style, and texture imaginable. Also great for sliding glass doors are panel track blinds that stack over each other when closed for a very sleek and modern look.

Another window that can throw up a problem or two when trying to find a window treatment is the bay window. Blinds for this type of window need not cause any problems if you take good care calculating your measurements. Keep in mind when measuring that each blind will have a different bracket depth and will affect your intersecting points. Also note that there WILL be gaps in between window treatments on a bay window, by calculating your intersecting points with a tape measure and then using card board cut-outs to fine tune your measurements, you will minimize these gaps and ensure maximum privacy and light control.

With light control in mind, try the blackout varieties of any style of blind as this offers the greatest resistance to light. These are often the types of blinds that you will prefer for bedrooms and bathrooms as they also provide the most privacy making them fantastic blinds to go for.

Wet rooms such as the bathroom provide a unique challenge of tackling privacy and water protection. There are waterproof and water resistant blinds made from PVC and vinyl that do an excellent job with both issues. We offer a number of waterproof solutions including waterproof roller blinds, waterproof vertical blinds & waterproof skylight blinds

When it comes to blinds and the ever increasing popularity over curtains it is worth taking a little time to work through each room and decide what requirements you need to get the absolute most out of the product. Not only will your room have the desired look and finish but you can sit back knowing that all the benefits are working for you.

For any advice regarding which blinds to go for please feel free to contact us & one of our helpful customer care team will be happy to assist you.
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