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Decorating ideas for your home using Roman blinds...

Roman blinds are a unique and versatile way to decorate all the windows of your home. From contemporary to elegant, there is a wide array of styles and colours to suit your taste to beautify every room in your home, including patio doors and larger windows. No matter what you choose, you’ll be making a statement.

Choosing from fabric, woven, patterned, suede, wooden, or bamboo shades come in a variety of colours to mix and match every decor. Fabric can come in canvas, denim, soft, flimsy, sheer, wispy, denim and leather, and even satin. Whether you’re decorating for a certain time of year, or you’re decorating to suit your preferences, you’ll be able to be bold and daring. You can have fun with these cloths to enhance your wallpaper or paint, furniture, and decorations. 

Fabric is the most adaptable of the styles. With softer fabrics you can create modern, contemporary and unique looks easily. Stiffer textures provide you with more horizontal appearances. A simple pattern will make a simple accent piece while a heavier pattern will make a bolder statement. Light and soft fabrics create a summery feel, while warm colours can give you a warm fuzzy feeling, perfect for the cooler months.  

If your room has darker colours, a lighter window covering would be preferable. Patterns take a discerning eye, by picking out one color to match the covering color with. But, you can also choose a patterned covering if your walls and furnishings are of a solid color. 

If you want a natural outdoors feel to your room, you might want to consider the wooden or bamboo coverings. With these, they will create a serene, airy feel. The natural scent from the wood or bamboo will enhance the effect. Plants scattered around will bring out the earthy, natural feel you’re trying to create. 

You can change the look of existing coverings without much effort. You can add tassels of a complimentary or matching colour to the edge very easily by either stitching them into place or attaching complimenting braids with super glue. You might want to fit the covering with an edge of fabric that is patterned or solid colour for another type of edging. Create a different look in your room by alternating which way the shade is drawn. One window could be drawn up on the top while another is drawn to the middle or to the bottom. 

No matter what your decorating needs, made to measure Roman blinds can enhance and beautify every room and come in many different styles and colours, so be sure to choose a covering that will enhance and accentuate the colour scheme and designs within your room.
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