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When it comes to interior design, we have the option to get creative with absolutely everything, down to our kitchen utensils. We can buy brightly coloured vacuum cleaners and patterned fridges, work surfaces and cupboards are available in all the colours of the rainbow, we can project our holiday photographs onto just about anything and we can even personalize our technology. It’s becoming just as easy to convey our personalities in our choice of décor as it is to dress to reflect our tastes.

So what if you want to make a bold statement but design tools such as the popular ‘feature wall’, painted or wallpapered a different colour or pattern to the others, is too dominant for the room you have in mind? Blinds have evolved far beyond the practical but characterless ‘office style’ that we tend to associate with blinds. Now you can pick and chose your blinds in the same way that you pick out designs according to your own taste throughout the rest of your home, and the best bit is that it doesn’t need to break the bank!

If the room you wish to decorate is small, the walls are awkward or too thin for hanging heavy pictures and wall art, put your mark on your home and make a feature of your blinds. Digitally printed roller blinds offer a brilliantly contemporary twist on window dressing, fantastic if you’re looking for a way to keep your décor edgy and modern. If your taste is minimalist, this is a great practical way to keep your colour palette and furniture simple but still incorporate an interesting design feature. If you lack wall space, opt for a digital print featuring a photograph as an alternative to hanging prints on the walls.

Of course you can make a beautiful feature of your window space without using a digital print, pick out a bold colour or pattern to make your blinds stand out or contrast the blind with the rest of the room. For example, a contemporary blind will be eye catching in a traditionally decorated room and will keep it looking fresh and up to date. Similarly, a modern, sparsely decorated room can be softened with a more traditional blind.

If you want to make your feature bigger and bolder, wall stickers are an interesting addition. Either replicate or compliment the design of your blinds on the walls around the window in question. Wall stickers are cheap and easy to use and allow you to get really creative. They are also ideal for children’s rooms as there are plenty of cartoon characters and bright colours in production and they give children the chance to engage in the decoration process.

You could even design your own mural surrounding your blinds. That’s not to say that you need to recreate the Sistine chapel in your living room, the stickers are available in different sizes, patterns and colours so you can make as subtle or outrageous a statement as you like!

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