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8 Quick Room Updates That Don't Require a Decorator

8 quick room updates for the new year

2nd January 2018

The New Year is the perfect time for fresh starts - no doubt you've been thinking about ways to improve your life but have you included giving your home an update? This can be a costly endeavour but we have come up with eight quick and easy ways that you can give your room a makeover with no need to hire a decorator.




How to stop light pollution preventing a good night's sleep

Light Pollution Affecting Our Health

23rd November 2017

For most people falling asleep in a dark or pitch black environment is essential for a good night’s rest, but new research shows that artificial light at night can have much greater effects than we previously thought.




Introducing our Essential Collection of Electric Roller Blinds

A picture of Stoneybrook Electric Roller Blinds

4th September 2017

Electric blinds are not only very desirable for the modern home but also offer many practical benefits, yet up until now they have been considered a luxury investment. Now with the introduction of our Essential Collection of electric roller blinds we are able to offer you this fantastic product at a competitive price including a made to measure blind, a power source and a single channel handset.




Let your blinds do the talking

Multi coloured patterned window blinds

24th August 2017

You’ve heard of statement walls but have you ever thought of adding drama to a room with a statement window dressing? As the window is a key aspect of a well-designed space it seems odd that this area is often the last to be thought about when considering a room makeover. Here we have picked five of our most eye-catching blinds and showed how they can be used as the focal point of a room, coordinated with the furnishings, art and accessories that surround them.




Blinds for Privacy and Light

Blinds for Privacy and Light - order blinds

19th September 2016

In the modern world, privacy is more of a concern than it ever was. In this age of computers and stolen identities it can be very easy to overlook a lack of privacy in the home from a much older source: your windows. Today it’s much more unlikely that your nearest neighbours live a mile away. Even though your neighbours are most likely not an invasion of your privacy, carefully selecting blinds that allow light and defend your home can be a great way of protecting your solitude.




Decorating Ideas With Roman Blinds

Decorating Ideas With Roman Blinds

18th September 2016

Roman blinds are a unique and versatile way to decorate all the windows of your home. From contemporary to elegant, there is a wide array of styles and colours to suit your taste and beautify every room in your home. What’s more, Roman blinds are suitable for patio doors and larger windows. No matter what you choose, you’ll be making a statement.




Choosing Blinds for a Bathroom

Choosing Blinds for a Bathroom

11th September 2016

Between condensation, light control and protecting your privacy, choosing blinds for your bathroom can be very difficult. Since there is a lot of warm water used throughout the bathroom, it becomes a very humid space. First and foremost, this means you need to choose blinds made from a material that is capable of handling the moisture. Otherwise you could find that your bathroom becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew, and you end up replacing your blinds much more quickly than you anticipated.

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How to keep children safe in a home with blinds

How to keep children safe in a home

25th August 2016

Making your house toddler safe can be tricky, not knowing where to start and finish. As we take the safety of children very seriously we would like to share some safety advice with you when it comes to choosing your blinds...




Order Blinds Loves...mixed metals for 2016

Order Blinds Loves...mixed metals trend 2016

14th January 2016

After reading an article from housebeautiful.com on Interior Design Trends for 2016, we were excited by the Mixed Metals trend mentioned in the article. 2015 has been a big year for copper housewares, particularly in the kitchen...

Don’t compromise your beautiful window view…

Don't compromise your window view

16th December 2015

Privacy is important to us all. Whether you live on a busy city street or a leafy suburban cul-de-sac, nobody wants prying eyes looking into their home. It can often feel however that in order to gain privacy you need to completely close off your home from the outside world, pulling down the blinds, drawing the curtains & consequently losing all of the natural daylight entering the room as well as your view of the outside.

Order Blinds Loves...the monochrome resurgence

Order Blinds Loves...monochrome trend 2015

5th November 2015

Black & white. A timeless interior design combination originally made popular in the 1920's & 1930's with the rise of Art Deco. The sleek appearance of black & white tones blended with metallic finishes presented a luxurious & lavish look to suit the times.

Choosing blackout blinds for a child's bedroom...

Choosing a blackout blind for a child's bedroom

22nd October 2015

Anyone who has children will appreciate how difficult it will be to establish a good sleeping routine - a necessity for both parent & child. One of the most determining factors in addressing this is light control, particularly in more built up areas. It is therefore very important when selecting the right blind for your child`s room to consider blackout fabrics.

Why choose wood venetians?

Choosing wood venetian blinds

16th September 2015

Out of necessity, the Venetian Blind was the window dressing that provided insulation from the cold where the opening in a wall allowed occupants inside to see what was happening outside. Brought to France by way of Persia, this device has been an integral part of interior decorating since it was patented in England in 1760.

Sleeping in / bedroom bliss

Sleeping well with blackout blinds

28th June 2015

With the amount of light that enters a room being a major determining factor in the amount and quality of sleep that we get, choosing the right window dressing can be crucial. Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and indeed any room in which you need to sleep in during the day.

A room with a view

A room with a view

8th June 2015

We put a lot of time and energy into the maintenance of our properties, we keep paths and patios swept, fascia and cladding smart, we mow front lawns and grass banks and keep our gardens tidy. From the outside, windows and doors tend to be the main focal points; we keep them clean and painted but whatever we place in the window are what gives the first impression of our homes to the outside world. During the day, curtains tend to be mainly hidden from view; blinds on the other hand, are much more prominent.

Make a statement!

Make a statement

10th May 2015

When it comes to interior design, we have the option to get creative with absolutely everything, down to our kitchen utensils. We can buy brightly coloured vacuum cleaners and patterned fridges, work surfaces and cupboards are available in all the colours of the rainbow, we can project our holiday photographs onto just about anything and we can even personalize our technology. It’s becoming just as easy to convey our personalities in our choice of décor as it is to dress to reflect our tastes.

Considerations for door blinds...

Considerations for door blinds

2nd April 2015

If you have glass doors or windows within your doors then you may want to cut down on the amount of light that streams through them. The right blind can also help to cut down on heating costs by having an additional form of insulation. When you use door blinds functionality is also important so you can use the door. However, for many finding the right blind for the job can prove difficult.

Bathroom Blinds: The Buyer's Guide

Bathroom Blinds: A Buyer's Guide

18th March 2015

Often confusing, buying the right bathroom blind can sometimes be quite a daunting task. A key point is the privacy that the blind offers whilst also using a material that can offer durability and handle both humidity and temperature that are typical in bathrooms.

Decorating ideas for your home using Roman blinds...

Get a designer look with Roman blinds

12th March 2015

Roman blinds are a unique and versatile way to decorate all the windows of your home. From contemporary to elegant, there is a wide array of styles and colours to suit your taste to beautify every room in your home including patio doors and larger windows. No matter what you choose, you’ll be making a statement.

Deciding which blinds to buy...

Which blinds to choose for your home

28th February 2015

The type of blind you buy for your home depends upon many factors. Use a room by room analysis to figure out what blind will work best based on your needs. Whether you are after ultimate light control, energy efficiency, blinds for wet rooms, or for bay and sliding windows, the right blind for you is out there.

Print your own photo onto a roller blind...

Print your own photo onto a roller blind

12th February 2015

Have you got a cherished family photo that you'd like to show off? Or are you a keen photographer/artist & would like to display your work in a more creative way?

Maximising privacy & controlling light...

Maximising privacy with window blinds

30th January 2015

In today's world, privacy is more of a concern than it ever was. In this age of computers & stolen identities it can be very easy to overlook a lack of privacy in the home from a much older source - your windows.

Insulate your home by dressing the windows...

Blinds for insulating your home

9th January 2015

When winter comes, or simply colder temperatures, one thing many people forget is how the construction and decoration in your home can affect how much of the heat escapes your home. No house is insulated completely, and there's always going to be a certain amount of heat escaping. Doors and windows are prime locations where hot air can escape allowing the cold in, and in the case of windows, there's things you can do to help out. Insulating your home by dressing your windows is a good way to keep the interior warmer, whilst lowering your heating bills in the process.

Working with the seasons: some helpful tips...

Working your interior with the seasons

21st December 2014

During Winter, rather than simply cocooning yourself in winter woollens and battening down the hatches to wait for warmer climbs, changing the atmosphere of your home or just a single room can make a big difference.




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