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Perfect Fit Bottom Up Blinds

If your room is overlooked or on street level, this ingenious solution allows you to simply clip the blind onto your UPVC window, pull the fabric up from the bottom & lock off at any point you desire. This allows you to gain privacy from the street whilst still allowing light to pour in over the top.

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Perfect Fit Blackout Tawny Owl Bottom Up Blind | For UPVC windows & doors
Perfect Fit Blackout Zinc Bottom Up Blind | For UPVC windows & doors
Perfect Fit Blackout Perspective Bottom Up Blind | For UPVC windows & doors
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Why choose Bottom Up Perfect Fit blinds?

With a conventional roller blind, pulling the blind down fully to gain privacy results in completely concealing your window & all of the outside view. Now this may be ok in a first floor room such as a bedroom but if you wish to gain privacy in a street level room then you may not wish to close of the outside world all day.

Bottom Up blinds solve this dilemma. By pulling the fabric from the bottom up, you can stop it 1/2 or 3/4 of the way up, giving you privacy from unwanted eyes but allowing the light to flood in over the top.Perfect Fit Bottom Up blinds improve on this solution even further by making installation quick, easy & drill free. If you have UPVC windows then this product saves you from drilling brackets into the top of your recess, wall or even UPVC window frame (which can invalidate your warranty with your window supplier).

Our extensive range of Perfect Fit Bottom Up blinds offers a wide selection of fabrics in different qualities & colours. Choose a dim-out fabric for a daytime living space, allowing you to have complete privacy but light softly filtered through the fabric for additional light into the room. If you're looking to fit to a window that views your back garden, why not select a see through sheer fabric so you can peruse your garden during the daytime but reduce the bright glare from the sun? We also offer a wide choice of blackout fabrics, so whether you're looking for a blind for your master bedroom, teenager or child's bedroom, there's a blind to suit each colour scheme & styling.


How do Perfect Fit Bottom Up Blinds work?

This perfectly engineered system allows you to clip the blind straight onto the UPVC window by using a number of small L shaped brackets. The brackets fit to the left & right hand sides of your glass, with one side of the bracket sliding between the glass & the compressible beading. Once all of the brackets are secured & you have assembled your Perfect Fit frame, you simply clip the blind onto the brackets & your blind is ready to use!

For a bottom up blind, the fabric & roller tube are housed in the bottom section of the frame as you can see in each of the product photographs.


Are your Perfect Fit Bottom Up blinds child safe?

The Perfect Fit system is spring tensioned & completely cordless making it inherently child safe by design. As proud members of the BBSA & Make it Safe Campaign, parents & businesses can rest assured that every blind offered by Order Blinds Online is completely child safe & compliant with all child safety legislation.

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