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Blinds for Privacy and Light

Privacy and Light

In the modern world, privacy is more of a concern than it ever was. In this age of computers and stolen identities it can be very easy to overlook a lack of privacy in the home from a much older source: your windows.

Today it’s much more unlikely that your nearest neighbours live a mile away. Even though your neighbours are most likely not an invasion of your privacy, carefully selecting blinds that allow light and defend your home can be a great way of protecting your solitude.

Bottom Up Blinds

Blinds have come a long way and today there are varieties made to tackle the specific problems of the modern day. Bottom up blinds now come with much more control of the tilt and lift functions. Some even have the ability to program pre-set positions so that you can recall your favourites for different times of the day.

Looking for bottom up blinds? We have a wide range of perfect fit and classic bottom up blinds in a wide range of designs and colours to choose from.

Venetian Blinds

A new style of Venetian blind is the top down, bottom up blind. Just as the name implies, this blind gives you the ability to lower the top of the blind downward or raise the bottom of the blind like normal.

This type of blind is especially effective on ground floor windows where you can lower the top of the blind to let sunlight in the top of your window, while keeping the bottom of the window blocked to outside viewers. You can enjoy the positive effects of the sunlight at the same time you protect your privacy.

Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional blind, Order Blinds have a huge choice of Venetian blinds to choose from – including wooden and aluminium blinds in a wide variety of colours.

Blinds or Curtains?

All styles of blinds offer solid advantages over the use of curtains on windows. The various materials that blinds come in will offer much more protection from a privacy standpoint, where as a curtain will always give way the ability to see in to some extent. These same materials will also aid in protection against the damage that sunlight can cause to the finish on floors and furniture much better than the fabric of a curtain can.

What About Interior Design?

To accommodate all your decoration needs, bottom up, bottom up-top down, and 50:50 blinds come in so many styles and materials that you’ll never have any problem matching the colour schemes and styles in your home. From woven wood to aluminium, from pleated to Roman, there is a style and a look for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Being overlooked in today’s modern world is something many of us need to deal with. While the perception that your privacy is under attack via the digital world, it is now often forgotten that you need to protect yourself in the physical world as well. Blinds are a very simple and effective resolution to this problem.

As a family run business with over a decade’s experience selling blinds online, we can help you shop for the blinds you need, from the comfort of your own home. Need more advice about buying the right blind for your needs? We’re always ready to answer your call on the phone or via email.

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