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Ready Made Blinds

Our collection includes some of our best selling fabrics offered from stock and ready to ship. Choose from a range of fabric choices and finishes to suit any room.

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Sandstone Thermal Ready Made Roller Blind

Sandstone Thermal

Serene Grey Blackout Ready Made Roller Blind

Serene Grey

Star Wars© Stormtrooper Blackout Ready Made Roller Blind

Star Wars© Stormtrooper

Royal Blue Blackout Ready Made Roller Blind

Royal Blue

Slate Sunscreen Ready Made Roller Blind

Sunscreen Slate

Stratus Black Sheer Ready Made Roller Blind

Sheer Stratus Black

White Sunscreen Ready Made Roller Blind

Sunscreen White


Why Choose Ready Made Blinds

Ready made blinds are a great solution when you are on a limited budget or just need your blinds in a hurry. Traditionally you will find ready made blinds in decorating shops as a product you can pick up and walk away with. Typically this product is mass produced in China and engineered to hit a price point.

Our collection is a bit different in that we produce our blinds here in Bottesford from scratch using the same top quality Louvolite components as with our made to measure blinds. We can make them cheaper by batching the production process and by offering them in end of line fabrics so that the savings are passed onto you without compromising on quality at all.


Choosing the right size and cutting down:

First you should decide if the blind will be fitted inside or outside the window recess. With ready made blinds fitting the blind outside the recess is often easier to deal with because as long as the blind overlaps the window it will fit. For a blind fitted into the recess, if your window falls between two standard sizes you will need to order the next size up and cut it down to suit.


Choosing the right size:

Once you have measured your window you need to select the right blind for the job. The first task is to check that the drop is sufficient to cover your window. Most of our blinds have a 170cm drop.


Cutting down:

If you are fitting the blind inside the recess it is likely you will need to cut the blind down to suit the width of your window. In this scenario we recommend ordering the next size up and cutting it down.

  1. Measure the width and drop of your window between the recess in several places and note down the smallest size.
  2. Check that the drop will cover your window as this cannot be adjusted.
  3. In order to work out the width you need the fabric to be take the smallest width of your recess and reduce this by 4cm. e.g. 112cm wall to wall becomes 108cm fabric size.
  4. Unroll the blind on the floor or a table face down being careful not to damage the fabric.
  5. Pull the mechanism out the blind, then slide the fabric off the tube. Slide the bottom bar out the blind.
  6. Using a pencil mark out the width you want the blind to be.
  7. Using sharp scissors cut the fabric to your desired width. The best technique here is to push the scissors through the fabric in one motion.
  8. Cut the tube to the same width as the fabric using a hack saw or chop saw. Your bottom bar wants to be approximately 0.5cm smaller than this size.
  9. Reassemble the blind and you are ready to install.

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