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Don’t compromise your beautiful window view…

Privacy is important to us all. Whether you live on a busy city street or a leafy suburban cul-de-sac, nobody wants prying eyes looking into their home. It can often feel however that in order to gain privacy you need to completely close off your home from the outside world, pulling down the blinds, drawing the curtains & consequently losing all of the natural daylight entering the room as well as your view of the outside. Vertical blinds & venetian blinds can provide you with a little bit more flexibility as you can tilt the slats or vanes enough to gain privacy & still let a little light into the room, yet with both of these options your view is still comprised.

Here at Order Blinds we have handpicked two ranges of blinds that perfectly solve this problem. Sunscreen blinds, also known as Magic Screen Blinds & One Way Blinds create a one way view, allowing you to see outside on a beautiful sunny day but those outside cannot see in. Ingenious! But how does it work you ask? Here comes the science…it’s all about the strongest light source. The fabric consists of a vinyl & polyester mesh weaved together with the weave partially open to allow the bright daylight through the fabric when the outside sun is brighter than your internal lighting, giving you an almost perfect view of your street, drive way or garden. But how does it stop those outside seeing in? During the day time when the sun is the brightest light source, the light hits the screen & reflects away preventing those outside seeing through the fabric’s open weave like you can internally. During the evening once the set has set & your internal lights are brighter than outside, you will still maintain a high level of privacy as your ceiling lights or lamps will not be as bright as the daylight, however you will no longer be able to see outside as the daylight is not present to shine through the fabric.

View through sunscreen fabric

We offer this inventive solution in the form of sunscreen roller blinds & sunscreen vertical blinds. Understandably, sunscreen roller blinds are one of our most popular products not only because of the one way view they provide but they are also waterproof, wipeable & block out 95% of UV rays entering your home & fading your furniture. Our latest range of magic screen vertical blinds provide all the same benefits as our roller blinds but give you more control over the light entering the room as you can tilt the vanes should you wish to as opposed to only opening & closing them.

Why not browse both of our ranges & order yourself some free samples to see this cunning fabric for yourself!

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