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Daylight Vertical Blinds

Our collection of Daylight Vertical Blinds offers a great value way to dress your windows. The fabric will gently filter the light whilst providing complete privacy. They are particularly popular on larger windows and in conservatories as the system we use is available in sizes for almost any window.

All the blinds in this range are made to measure and can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

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Glisten 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Pearl River 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind

Pearl River

Shadow 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Shimmer Cream 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind

Shimmer Cream

White 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Milky White 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Milky White

Antiquary 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Cream 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Dovecote 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Soft Tan 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind

Soft Tan

Beige 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Millstone 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Shingle 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Ash 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Grey Owl 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Grey Owl

Blade 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Chrome 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Light Grey 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Light Grey

Zinc 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Vulture 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Black 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Russett 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Bronze 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Baby Blue 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Baby Blue

Ocean Blue 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Ocean Blue

Bluebird 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Mid Blue 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind

Mid Blue

Caspian 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Viola 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Ophelia 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Plush Red 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind

Plush Red

Crimson 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Romeo 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Clementine 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind


Peppermint 89mm Daylight Vertical Blind


Antigua 89mm Dim-Out Vertical Blind



Daylight Vertical Blinds In 89mm Wide Slats

A Quality Product:

We use a 100% polyester fabric to make all the blinds in this range. The vanes are 89mm (3 1/2”) wide and come complete with the following:

  • Strong metal head rail on your preferred operation method.
  • Top or face fixing brackets as you specify when ordering.
  • Weights and chains to keep the vanes straight and link them together.
  • Plastic hangers to attach your vanes to the head rail.
  • On our cord & chain operated head rail you will also receive a child safety device with your blind to attach the operational cords to the wall.

How To Clean:

The vanes themselves are not suitable to be machine washed and should only be cleaned by dusting or wiping clean with a damp cloth. The head rail can be wiped clean if needed using a damp cloth as well.

Which Head Rail Should I Choose:

We offer two styles of head rail, a traditional cord & chain operated system and our wand control system. As the name suggests our cord & chain operated head rail traverses the window using a cord and you tilt the vanes open or closed using a chain.

This system will come with a child safety device which you need to attach to the wall.

When you order a wand operated system there will be a single control wand attached to the inside vane on the blind. You operate this by pulling the wand across the window which draws the vanes across the window, to tilt you simply twist the control wand.

  • The wand operated system offers a number of benefits:
  • Because there are no hanging cords this makes the system inherently child safe making it ideal for homes with children or pets.
  • They are quicker to install as you don’t have any additional safety clips to fit to the wall.
  • They can be easier to use when fitted behind a sink for example where the cords would normally be difficult to access.

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