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Perfect Fit Shutter Lite

Perfect Fit Shutter Lite

What are Perfect Fit Shutters?

Perfect Fit Shutters, alternatively called 'No Drill Shutter Blinds' or 'Clip On Shutter Blinds' give you the classic look of shutters in an easier, more cost effective and practical format. Available in two shades of white to seamlessly blend with your window frames, just clip the panels on to your windows and you're off - no need to pay for a professional fitter, use any tools or cause damage to your walls.

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    • Timeless Shutter Aesthetic - When viewed from the outside our Perfect Fit Shutters look just like a classic plantation shutter, but inside offer a cleaner and more practical solution.

    • Easy DIY Installation - Unlike traditional fitted shutters that require specialized measuring and professional installation, our Perfect Fit Shutters can be easily measured and installed within minutes with no tools needed!

    • Cost-Effective Solution - Perfect Fit Shutters offer a more budget-friendly alternative to conventional fitted shutters, presenting significant cost savings not only on the product itself but by removing the need to hire professional installers but also adding extra energy efficiency to your home.

    • 10 Year Guarantee - You can rest assured in your investment when buying from Order Blinds. We build our blinds and shutters to last and so offer an amazing, market leading 10 year guarantee to help remove any doubts over whether you're spending your money wisely. 

    • Low Maintenance and Built to Last - These resilient shutters are not only durable but also easy to clean; marks can be effortlessly wiped off and stubborn stains or scratches can be gently buffed out with sandpaper. 

    • Water-Resistant Materials - Crafted from water-resistant PVC, Perfect Fit shutters are ideal for environments with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and kitchens where a traditional wooden shutter would warp and degrade over time.

    • Short Lead Time - We work diligently to provide the quickest manufacturing and delivery times as possible, offering you a much quicker turnaround compared to other fixed shutters that can take months to make and deliver.

    • Environmentally Conscious - Embrace eco-friendliness with our Perfect Fit Shutters, as every component is made from 100% recyclable materials. Play your part in making the world more sustainable without sacrificing style, longevity or value for money!

Perfect Fit Shutter Lite Review

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  • What windows are suitable for Perfect Fit Shutters?View moreView less
  • Perfect Fit Shutters work on almost any uPVC window or door, but are also suitable for:

    • Tilt & Turn Windows 

    • Patio Doors

    • Inward and Outward Opening Windows

    • Angled Bay Windows

    • Circular Bay Windows

    Please Note -
    We don't recommend these blinds for bifold doors as they project outwards, stopping bifold doors from fully folding into place.

  • Can you use Perfect Fit Shutters on a bay window?View moreView less
  • Yes! Perfect Fit Shutters are a great option for use on bay windows, both angled and circular

    Because the shutter clips on to brackets attached to the beading at the edge of the glass panes, you don't have to worry about working out angles or how close together they sit.

    If you have any questions, just drop us an email or call our friendly team on 0115 969 9933 who can give you advice on the best product for your windows.

  • Do Perfect Fit Shutters damage the windows?View moreView less
  • Absolutely not! The Perfect Fit Shutter system was design by Louvolite, one of the most trusted manufacturers of window blind systems and components - definitely not a company that would design and sell a product that would cause damage to your home. The system underwent rigorous testing before it was launched in 2006 and has been kept up to date ever since to suit a huge range of windows and doors.

    On top of this, with our incredible 10 year guarantee and years of experience, you can rest assured that we are confident in the design and quality of everything we sell.

    You should note however that the condition of the windows before you install Perfect Fit Shutter Blinds should be considered. Although the blinds shouldn't exasperate them, if the windows have existing issues or are in poor condition already you may experience further deteriation further down the line.

  • Do Perfect Fit Shutters damage the window seal?View moreView less
  • No, the brackets will not damage the seal in your windows. The brackets that hold the frames in place are specially designed to simply slip between the beading and the glass of the window, causing no damage at all. In fact, the brackets are specifically sized so that they don't touch the window seal at all, which sits further into the frame than the brackets reach.

    Having trouble fitting the brackets into the beading? A little dab of washing up liquid on the brackets can help them slide into place easily.

Perfect Fit Shutter Lite

More practical than a traditional shutter

Not only do Perfect Fit Shutter Blinds leave your window sills clutter free, but they move with the window allowing you to open and close them as normal while also allowing better light control and an improved view outside as there is less framework to get in the way.

Completely waterproof and wipe clean, there's no need to worry about dust or sticky hand or paw prints, plus the panels can even be easily removed for cleaning the window panes when needed. 

10 Year Guarantee

Build quality you can trust, made in the UK

Our Perfect Fit Shutters are manufactured to order here in the UK, made to your measurements to ensure a perfectly sized product of a superior quality.

We're so sure of the quality of our blinds that we offer an incredible 10 year guarantee on all of our products, so you can rest assured that your investing in the best.

If you're looking for the beautiful styling of plantation shutters in a more cost effective, practical format, then Perfect Fit Shutter Blinds are the perfect solution.

With quick and easy measuring and installation, there's no need to pay for professional fitters and no additional expense required for drilling or caulking your window recess/walls. 

Using similar technology to our Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, these shutter panels attach to your windows rather than the wall around them which results in a more practical window shading solution.

Perfect Fit Shutter Blinds Install

Quick and Easy Measuring and Installation

How to Measure for Perfect Fit Shutters

How to Fit your Perfect Fit Shutters

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