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Bathroom Roller Blinds

Turn your bathroom from boring to brilliant with our wide range of plain and patterned bathroom roller blinds in a range of fabrics suitable for use in humid environments.

Browse our collection below and find the perfect solution for one of the most used rooms in the home...

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White Bathroom Roller Blind


Beach Huts Ocean Roller Blind

Beach Huts Ocean

Carnation White Bathroom Roller Blind

Carnation White

Pebbles Sky Roller Blind

Pebbles Sky

Jasmine White Bathroom Roller Blind

Jasmine White

Shell Yeah Roller Blind

Shell Yeah

Pebbles Aqua Roller Blind

Pebbles Aqua

Beach Huts Off White Roller Blind

Beach Huts Off White

Oceanica White Roller Blind

Oceanica White

Beachcomber Linen Blackout Roller Blind

Beachcomber Linen

Dusky Stripes Roller Blind

Dusky Stripes

Beach Huts Cream Roller Blind

Beach Huts Cream

Latte Bathroom Roller Blind


Beachcomber Raffia Roller Blind

Beachcomber Raffia

Cream Tea Bathroom Roller Blind

Cream Tea

Horchata Bathroom Roller Blind


Beachcomber Natural Roller Blind

Beachcomber Natural

Beach Huts Multi Roller Blind

Beach Huts Multi

Pearl Grey Bathroom Roller Blind

Pearl Grey

Seafront Linen Blackout Roller Blind

Seafront Linen

Hearthstone Bathroom Roller Blind


Crow Bathroom Roller Blind


Flamingo Tropics Mono Floral Roller Blind

Flamingo Tropics Mono

Oceanica Charcoal Roller Blind

Oceanica Charcoal

Sardine Grey Bathroom Roller Blind

Sardine Grey

Jungle Leaf and Leopard Roller Blind


Sealife Roller Blind


Paving Grey Bathroom Roller Blind

Paving Grey

Wishing Well Bathroom Roller Blind

Wishing Well

Oceanica Mono Roller Blind

Oceanica Mono

Garden Path Grey Bathroom Roller Blind

Garden Path Grey

Puddle Bathroom Roller Blind


Flamingo Tropics Stone Floral Roller Blind

Flamingo Tropics Stone

Birch Bark Bathroom Roller Blind

Birch Bark

Leaping Hare in Cloud Roller Blind by Amanda Redwin

Leaping Hare in Cloud

Misty Morning Bathroom Roller Blind

Misty Morning

Raindrop Bathroom Roller Blind


Cotswold Way on Flint Roller Blind by Amanda Redwin

Cotswold Way on Flint

Cotswold Way on Cloud Roller Blind by Amanda Redwin

Cotswold Way on Cloud

Steel Wool Bathroom Roller Blind

Steel Wool

Leaping Hare on Flint Roller Blind by Amanda Redwin

Leaping Hare on Flint

Silverware Bathroom Roller Blind


Beachcomber Warm Grey Roller Blind

Beachcomber Warm Grey

Castle Keep Bathroom Roller Blind

Castle Keep

Edelweiss Bathroom Roller Blind


Aquarelle Stripe Mustard Roller Blind

Aquarelle Stripe Mustard

Jungle Leaves Day Floral Roller Blind

Jungle Leaves Day

Botanica Daybreak Floral Roller Blind

Botanica Daybreak

Jungalist Lime Floral Roller Blind

Jungalist Lime

Stem Green Bathroom Roller Blind

Stem Green

Flamingo Tropics Sky Floral Roller Blind

Flamingo Tropics Sky

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Information About Bathroom Roller Blinds

Don't ignore one of the most used rooms in your home!

You might not think it but the bathroom is a space where we all spend a lot of our time, so making it an enjoyable space to be in can make a big difference to your home. Roller blinds are the ideal choice when you want to create some privacy in a bathroom as they are inexpensive, easy to use and require very little maintenance. We offer hard wearing waterproof PVC for our range which also offers both complete privacy and light blockage, while our printed range is also available on a polyester base cloth in either blackout or light filtering daylight if you don't want to lose all the natural light entering the room. 

The components and roller tube has also been designed with wet conditions in mind. The roller tube is made from aluminium to ensure it won't rust and the brackets we supply are painted metal to offer a strong fix that is protected from the moisture.


How Do I look After a Waterproof Bathroom Roller Blind?

Waterproof roller blinds require very little maintenance - if they get dirty you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth. In steamy rooms such as bathrooms where the blind gets very wet you should leave the blind rolled all the way down to dry before rolling it back up to avoid the growth of mould which is a common issue in moisture filled spaces.


Where are these blinds suitable for?

Apart from the obvious places such as being used as a bathroom roller blind or behind a kitchen sink where moisture can be an issue, this range of fabrics are actually one of the most versatile products we offer. Because the PVC range is fire retardant and very hard wearing it can be used in schools, offices or other commercial settings but it also popular for rental properties, community centres or even sports clubs.


Are there any alternatives to a roller blind that work well in a bathroom?

Other than the waterproof roller blind collection here we offer several solutions that will work in a bathroom. They include a collection of waterproof vertical blinds, a range of faux wood venetian blinds which will give the look of real wood without the higher price tag and finally our aluminium venetian blinds which are waterproof and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

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