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Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds are an innovative way of making a blind that can be fitted onto UPVC windows without the need for drilling into the window frame, perfect for conservatories & patio doors.

The blind is mounted inside an aluminium frame that attach via L shaped brackets that slip between the rubber beading and the glass of your window.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer a great level of versatility in terms of the sizes they can be made to, the wide range of fabrics available and their ease of use. However Perfect Fit Roller Blinds take the product to the next level offering a cordless, sleek and stylish solution that doesn’t even require drilling to install. They also lend themselves to tilt and turn windows perfectly as the blind moves with the window.

The perfect fit blind system was developed as a solution for UPVC doors and windows. The blind come housed in its own frame that attaches onto your window via “L” shaped brackets that slip between the rubber beading and the glass on your window meaning you can install them in minutes.

Suitability for Perfect Fit:

Unfortunately not all windows are suitable for perfect fit roller blinds. Your window/s must meet all of the following criteria to be suitable for perfect fit roller blinds

  • Be a UPVC window with a rubber seal.
  • You need 2.5cm clearance from the glass before any obstruction all the way around the window. The key areas to check are handles and trickle vents
  • Size: The minimum size a perfect fit blind can be made is 35cm wide x 20cm drop. The maximum width is 140cm for all blinds. The maximum drop is determined by the thickness of the fabric and varies from 120-200cm.

How to operate the blind:

The blind is spring tensioned and locked in place at any position of the window by tilting the handle at the base of the blind straight. To move it up or down simply tilt the handle back to release the lock and slide the blind to the desired position.

Child safety:

Because perfect fit roller blinds are spring tensioned and feature no cords at all they are inherently child safe and fall into the “Safe by design” category or window blinds which means you do not need to fit any further safety devices when installing this product.

Using Perfect Fit Blinds so that they pull from the bottom up:

If you would like privacy at the bottom half of the window but also want natural daylight entering the room from the top then using the perfect fit system to make a bottom up blind could be the perfect solution. This could be because your window is overlooked by the neighbours or you have street level windows and don’t want people looking in from outside.

You can simply turn your standard perfect fit blind upside down and fit it onto the window in the normal way. There are no adjustments needed because the blind is spring tensioned the fabric is automatically kept taught and can then be operated in the normal way.

An additional thing to consider when thinking of when ordering blinds you intend to pull from the bottom up is that the cassette that houses the fabric will now be at the bottom of the window. This projects into the room approximately 8cm so if your window has handles at the base it will not be possible to use a perfect fit blind pulling up from the bottom.


We offer three different types of fabric in order to offer a solution for the majority of situations:

  1. Sheer fabrics:
    These are made from a very light weight fabric and will allow most of the light to pass through whilst obscuring the view from outside. This makes sheer blinds ideal for conservatories, kitchens or living areas
  2. Dim-Out Fabrics:
    A Dim-out fabric offers complete privacy whilst filtering some of the light through making them a great choice for most rooms in the house.
  3. Blackout Fabrics:
    Blackout fabrics offer complete blackout making them ideal for bedrooms, nurseries or indeed any room you might want to sleep in during the day. Because blackout fabrics are thicker than most they are often limited on the drop so can’t normally be used on doors.

Top tip:
Use the filter on the left of the page to limit the results by either the fabric type you would like to use or the size of your window to only see relevant options.

We offer the frame that the blind is housed within in three different colours, white, brown and golden oak. The white and brown coloured frames are free options, if you opt for the golden oak finish this will add 35% to the cost of your blind

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