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Sloping Vertical Blinds

Sloping Vertical Blinds

Sloping vertical blinds are a great solution for triangular shaped windows and can be made using any of our 89mm wide vertical blind fabrics found on the website.


We use a wide bodied, specialist head rail that is different in appearance to our standard vertical blinds for square or rectangular windows.


The sloping vertical blind head rail comes with articulated hangers that are designed to hold the vertical blind vane straight depending on the angle of your window. Likewise the vanes vary in length so that they all finish at your desired drop neatly.


How do they work?

  • The vanes always stack to the tallest side on a sloping vertical blind so that when you open the blind your vanes don't slump on the floor. The controls can be fitted on the left or right hand side as you desire.

  • Can be made to a minimum drop at the shortest end of 30cm and a longest drop at the tallest end of 290cm. We can make widths up to 290cm wide.
  • Can be made to suit an angle up to 50 degrees from the horizontal. Don't worry though we will check that your blind can be made from your measurements before providing a quote.

  • Can be top fixed or face fixed depending on your requirements.

  • Comes with everything needed including sloping head rail, brackets, vanes, bottom weights, bottom link chain and top hangers.

How to measure for sloping vertical blinds

  1. Measure the width of your slope, note this down as Width 1.
  2. Measure the width along the base of your window, note this down as Width 2.
  3. Measure the height of your window at the smallest end, note this down as Drop 1.
  4. Measure the height of your window at the tallest end, note this down as Drop 2.

Once you have chosen your favourite fabric from one of our ranges and taken all of your measurements you can either give us a call on 0800 1488229 or complete the form below to get a quotation for your new sloping vertical blind.

Sloping Vertical Measurements

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