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Own Fabric Roller Blinds

Own Fabric Roller Blinds

We understand that a big part of turning your house into a home is how you personalise it and we want to help you do this in any way we can. If you have fallen in love with a specific fabric we are more than happy to turn this into a bespoke made to measure roller blind.

To do this we heat bond a 100% cotton backing to your fabric to add the rigidity required for a roller blind before overlocking the edges and completing the blind making process by hand.

You can choose from either a standard light filtering daylight or a fully opaque blackout quality backing for your blind in either white or cream.

What types of fabric can be used?

The bonding operation can be completed on most fabric types although we recommend avoiding checks, stripes or tartans, raw silks or materials with a very open weave as this process can sometimes warp the design.

To ensure that your fabric is suitable you can send a small piece of your chosen material to us to test bond before investing in the full amount of fabric for your blind. 

Can you source the fabric for me?

Unfortunately not - we believe a lot of the fun of a custom order is in the choosing of the fabric so you can feel its quality and assess any possible flaws or imperfections before you send the material to us to be made into a blind.

Find Your Ideal Fabric
Carefully Sewn Window Blinds

How much fabric will I need?

Once we know what fabric you want to use and what size blinds you would like us to make we will always confirm how much fabric is required; but as a rule of thumb to get an idea the following guide can be used:

- If the blind is being made from a single width of fabric = The drop of the window + 40cm
- If the blind is more than one width of fabric = (The drop of the window + 40cm) X 2
- If the blinds are being made from a patterned fabric you would also need to add a pattern repeat of fabric per drop of material for us to pattern match your blinds.

Roll Direction

As standard we will reverse roll a bespoke roller blind. If you would prefer the blind to be standard rolled please let us know when placing your order.

Standard roll is where the fabric will roll off the back of the roller tube taking the blind close to the windows itself. As a result you will see the white or cream backing at the top of the roll.

Reverse roll is where the fabric rolls of the front of the roll, into the room so that you see your fabric rather than the backing at the top of the blind.

Standard or Reverse Rolled
Can you make the size I need?

Are there any size restrictions?

The size of blind that can be made is determined by a few different factors including the width of the roll of fabric you want to use and whether the fabric is suitable for joining.

As a result we ask you to submit the form below providing us with some more information on what you require and we will then confirm if it is possible and provide you with a price. Alternatively please feel free to call our customer service team on 0800 1488229 or 0115 9699933 or email us on info@orderblinds.co.uk and we will be happy to assist.

Selecting Recess/Fabric/Blind Size

The measurements required to fit a blind inside the Recess are the wall to wall measurements for the width, and ceiling to window sill for the drop. You should take the measurements in 3 different positions and note down the smallest to ensure the blind fits into this space. Ensure you make no reductions as we will take 0.5cm off the width to ensure your blind fits into this space.

When fitting the blind outside the recess we recommend overlapping the window by at least 10cm on the width and drop. You can then specify whether you want us to use this as the Blind Size which is the total size of the blind including fittings, or the Fabric Size which is just the width of the fabric.

How are you measuring?

Quote Me For A Roller Blind Made In My Own Fabric

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