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There are many great reasons to buy our replacement vanes instead of a complete blind. They're more economical than buying a complete blind as these will fit onto your existing headrail, giving your window a new lease of life, quickly and easily.

How to Measure for Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Lay your slat flat... Measure the entire fabric... Note down your size...

Lay your slat flat...

Measure the entire fabric...

Note down your size...

Remove one of the vanes from your vertical blind & lay it down flat on a table, worktop or the floor.

Measure the entire length of the fabric using a steel tape measure (fabric tape measures can stretch & provide inaccurate measurements). Measure the fabric only, do not include the part of the hanger that sticks out at the top.

When placing your order, provide us with this measurement to the nearest mm & we will make your slats to the exact same size as your current vanes! Easy!

Included when you buy a set of Vertical Blind Vanes

  • Hangers for each vane
  • Number of vanes ordered
  • Bottom weights for each vane
  • Bottom link chain for each vane
  • Instructions on how to attach vanes
Includes weight, chain and hanger Replacement vanes to size

Hanging the Vanes

How to install replacement vanes
  • Turn the controls until the hooks on the headrail are at the right angles to the window.
  • Hang the vanes on the hooks, keeping all seams facing the same direction.
  • Attach the connecting chain by sliding the clip on to the weight post.

Replacement Vanes Range Includes


Blackout Replacement Vanes are great for a bedroom as they are made from a three-pass blackout fabric with a colour coordinated backing. Due to the nature of vertical blinds you will get some light seepage between the vanes, these will still offer a great level of blackout even with the slight light seepage. These Replacement Vanes are available in a wide range of colours at an affordable price.


Our Dim-Out Replacement Vanes are available in a full spectrum of colours in a Semi-Opaque fabric that allows light to filter through whilst giving you complete privacy.

Jacquard (Patterned Vanes)

These Jacquard Dim-Out Vanes will allow light to filter through the fabric, creating a vibrant atmosphere in your home.

We can send you any sample of these fabrics you would like

To place your order, simply click on which fabric you would like, and then enter the number of vanes and the length required.

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